Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Can you say "bounce"?

My prediction: Obama will gain at least 5 points in the polls over the next couple of days. that was quite possibly the most moving political message I have heard in my life - and at my age, I've heard plenty.

On Fox, the infomercial was followed in short order by a McCain ad that tried to make Obama look unattractive while the voice-over said he was unprepared. It served only to make McCain look pathetic. He cannot compare, let alone compete.

But let's not get complacent. Volunteer this weekend. This is history in the making, people; you will want to be able to tell your grandchildren you were part of it.

"No World Series delays when I'm president" - McCain

What a joke.

"By the way, no one will delay the World Series game with an infomercial when I'm president," says John McCain. Apparently, he believes it's more important to see grown men making millions playing a child's game than to hear a candidate's plea for support of the changes he envisions for the direction of the country.

Presumably a President McCain would declare by executive order that TV networks are not allowed to sell blocks of time to advertisers that might conflict with coverage of a World Series game. (Well, actually, the TV networks can do what they want, but I guess the commissioner of baseball would be precluded from changing the start time of the game. He didn't say nobody could preempt coverage, only that nobody would delay the game. Either way, though, methinks the man doth slightly overstep the authority vested in the Chief Executive by the Constitution.)

But the funniest part of this comes up when you look at the facts. There are two of those I'd like to point out:

First, Obama's address - according to that pillar of the liberal media, the Fox Network - will not change the start time of the game. It will merely preempt pre-game talk - "you know, Joe Buck."

Second, McCain's acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention forced the NFL season opener to begin 90 minutes ahead of its planned prime-time start - providing a lead-in that was widely credited for helping McCain's acceptance speech get higher TV ratings (if lower approval ratings) than Obama's.

So it's OK to push sports around on TV if it gives the Republican candidate a bigger audience share than he could have gotten on his own, but it's not OK to preempt some pre-game commentary to let a Democrat speak his piece.

Hey, this isn't just a political blog. We also do humor here in the Canyon. Thanks for the laughs, John.

Obama leaves campaign to spend time with dying elderly opponent

I've gotta add this site to my blogroll.
Presidential candidate Barack Obama surprised political observers yesterday by suddenly withdrawing from the campaign trail to spend some time with his elderly rival John McCain. McCain who is 97 years old and very frail is said to be fading fast and Obama wanted to see him one last time before he was gone forever. ‘Barack knows that he could never have got this far if it hadn’t have been for old man McCain. He owes everything to him.’

Obama reportedly sat at the bedside of the dying Republican nominee trying to make sense of the confused ramblings coming from the old man’s mouth, according to an assistant to the Illinois senator. ‘Grandpa McCain’s mind had gone unfortunately, he just kept claiming everyone was a terrorist and then he’d go off on some incomprehensible rant about dividing up a pie or making a bigger pie or something. He’s completely lost it.’

Who's he kidding?

Thanks to DailyKos, here's John McCain's flip-flop on taxes. (Or is it simply flimflam?)

"Don't tell Matt Drudge or FOX News, but John McCain himself took the same basic approach to taxes as Barack Obama -- at least until the 2008 presidential campaign brought about some changes in his views."
In other words, he was for middle-class tax relief before we was against it.

McCain knows a middle-class tax cut is better than the Bush give-away to the wealthy that he voted against. Yet now he parrots the party line to keep the GOP's real base from revolting. This is a man who will say anything to get elected.