Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Hello! Steve wows 'em at MWSF

Apple (which is to say Steve Jobs) finally announced the long-awaited iPhone today at MacWorld San Francisco, and it's a safe bet it exceeded everyone's expectations in all but one way. It's available only to Cingular subscribers. (That leaves me out in the cold for the next couple of years, since I just re-upped with Verizon in order to get a new phone. What a mistake Verizon has been for me, but that's another story for another time.)

The iPhone is an impressive piece of gear: a widescreen iPod, an innovative cell phone, and an OS X computer with full-fledged email (including "push IMAP" a la BlackBerry) and web browser. Apple is partnering with both Google and Yahoo! to provide customized content for the device.

Even though I can't use it for awhile, I have to say I'm impressed. Jobs didn't need his fabled Reality Distortion Field today. The iPhone is plenty spectacular enough as it is.


  1. but apparentl cisco, who recently released a product called the iPhone, is suing for the trademark. i wonder what mac's device will be called?

  2. I'm betting Apple's product will be called the iPhone. Cisco's trademark is said to be very weak - they weren't the first to use the name, and any reasonable examination of public opinion would find that the whole iThing meme is strongly associated with Apple. Since the ostensible purpose of trademark protection is to prevent one entity from exploiting the goodwill of another by false association, it could be argued that Apple has more of a right to the name than Cisco.